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    Gorgeous sequin patch of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Fabric and sequins Size: 19,5x30cm

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  • 27,00 € In Stock

    A beautiful contemporary Mexican ex-voto, hand painted. The painting is naive and fabulously expressive. The text tells in Spanish : "You do not know St. Jude how much I am grateful now that I am divorced I enjoy my freedom." Painted recycled metal Measurements : 6,5x8cm

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    Mexican oilcloth with a classic and sophisticated lace pattern in red. Easy to clean, waterproof. Sold in half meter Polyester, cotton and PVC Width 1,20m

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    Mini Mexican skull for the Day of the Dead. 12 colors to choose from! Handmade in Mexico. Clay Measurements: 2,5X2,5cm

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    Mexican skull colorful garland. Perfect for an authentic Mexican Day of the Dead decor or Halloween. Each banner is composed of 10 openwork skull buntings in different colors. Tissue paper and string Length : 1,50m Dimensions flags : 13x16cm

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  • 3,90 € In Stock

    Great pocket size notebook of La Palma, with a vintage illustration of a palm tree taken from the Mexican Loteria. 32 lined pages Dimensions : 10,5x14.8cm

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  • 6,99 € In Stock

    Gorgeous Mexican tin sacred heart with floral border and a dark blue flame. Handmade in Mexico. Painted metal Size : 10x15cm

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